Specialised Hand Therapy cares about protecting your health, and the health of our staff and families.

To limit the spread of infection, including COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT attend any of our clinics without calling our Reception first on 9324 2881 if:
• You are unwell in any way, including fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath
• If you have COVID-19 currently or whilst you remain symptomatic.

PLEASE CONTACT US BY TELEPHONE ON 9324 2881 during business hours to make suitable arrangements if you cannot attend an appointment, and please consider wearing a mask to protect all of those around you if you do attend therapy. We are set up for Telehealth Consultations and can use these to guide your therapy if necessary.

Further information:
In most cases timely treatment of hand injuries is extremely important to your long-term outcome following any hand or upper limb injury, particularly following surgery. If you have concerns, it is very important you discuss your needs for therapy with your therapist who can guide you with this. If left too long or untreated, hand injuries can result in long term stiffness, loss of function and permanent disability.

Telehealth Consultations
Specialised Hand Therapy is able to provide patients with appointments via Telehealth Consultation and this has been found to be especially useful for patients whilst unwell, or for many of our rural, remote and FIFO patients who cannot make it in to one of our clinics. Please contact us by telephone on 9324 2881 during business hours should you have any queries and our team will assist you to make suitable arrangements for treatment.

Information for Patients Who May be ‘At Risk’ (e.g. immunosuppressed)
As Specialised Hand Therapy Services has many clinics in the metro and country areas we are able to provide ongoing treatment for patients with hand and upper limb injuries offsite from hospitals wherever possible, or via Telehealth as mentioned above. To avoid contact with others, let us know if you would also prefer to wait in your car for your appointment and we can text you when we are ready for you.

Feel free to discuss these options with our Reception on 9324 2881 when making your appointment.